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Biografy Shila Amzah (biografi)

Shila Amzah
Birth nameNur Shahila binti Amir Amzah
Also known asShila
Shila Tekno (when she was a child)
Sha-hila (when she was a teenager)
Shila Amzah (present)
θŒœζ‹‰ (present and used inChina)
BornAugust 13, 1990 (age 23)
OriginKuala Lumpur, Malaysia
GenresPopR&Bpop rockdance pop
InstrumentsVocalsAcoustic guitar,Keyboard
Years active2000–present
LabelsMonkey Bone Records (2008-2011)
Sony Music Entertainment(2013)
Shanghai Media Team Entertainment Group (2012-Present)
Shila Amzah Entertainment Berhad (2013-Present)
Warner Music Group (2013-Present)

Early life[edit]

Shila Amzah made her appearance as a singer at the age of nine to ten years old. At the time, no recording company wanted to take children to become recording artists as they did not want to take the risk. Her father used his own pocket money to produce Shila's first album before EMI gave an opportunity for Shila Amzah to sign a contract with them.


In 2000, Shila Amzah first album with the hit song entitled Yang Teristimewa (The Special One) was launched in front of Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah. Later in 2009, she joined One in a Million emerged as the first runner-up to the competition before signing a contract with Monkey Bone. She produced the albumBebaskan (Be Free) during her stint with Monkey Bone.
At the end of 2010, Shila was courted by producer Kevin Chin to record songs for 3 Suara (3 Voices). One of the hit songs in 2010 is Patah Seribu, which has garnered a lot of praises from radio and TV shows.

Career in China[edit]

On 20 September 2012, Shila became the champion of Asian Wave, a Chinese reality singing talent show held in Shanghai.[1] Shila Amzah had the most online votes among all the contestants. She sang three songs which were "Gemilang" by Jaclyn Victor, "Grenade" by Bruno Mars, and "Zheng Fu (征服)" by Na Ying.[1] She also sang "Forever Love" byWang Leehom and "Set Fire to The Rain" by Adele in one of the prelimilary rounds of Asian Wave.[2] The judges praised her performance.[1]
The Star reported on 27 September 2012 that she was chosen to be the opening act for a series of concerts by Eric Moo, a Malaysian award-winning singer-composer, in Beijing starting 17 November.[3] Shila Amzah said that she knew him because "he was one of the judges during the competition and his invitation is a huge honour for me."[3] She immediately agreed when he asked her to be in his opening act.[3] The prize money of RM 5 million in Asian Wave will be shared among her and the second and third place winners.[3]
Guang Ming Daily reported on 28 September 2012 that Shila Amzah would be collaborating with Wang Leehom. Shila Amzah's manager was planning to include all the songs Shila sang at the Asian Wave in an album soon.[2] The manager is also still discussing with Shanghai Media Team Entertainment Group, the media company behind Asian Waveon Shila Amzah's singing contract.[2] She is making arrangements to improve her Chinese, a language that she learned from pre-school until Year 3.[2]
In 2013, Shila Amzah was honored to sing the theme song of the Chinese Idol titled "A Moment Like This" originally sang by Kelly Clarkson .
In February 2014, Shila Amzah was invited to the Chinese singing competition show I Am a Singer (second season). She made her debut on the 10 February, scheduled to be aired on Hunan Television on 21 February.

Asian Wave[edit]

(Rounds 1)
Set Fire to the RainAdeleAdvance to
Round 2
Singapore Rachel Chua
save by judges selection
(Rounds 2)
Forever LoveWang LeehomAdvance to
Round 1
Japan Emi Tawata
save by judges selection
(Rounds 1)
GemilangJaclyn VictorAdvance to
Round 2
Thailand Ten Nararak
(Rounds 2)
GrenadeBruno MarsAdvance to
Round 3
China Guo Yifan
(Rounds 3)
Zheng-FuNa YingChampionChina Chang Shilei
China Huo Zun
  • Shila managed to advance all rounds by directly winning the battle.
  • Winning the battle : Majority green light pushed by judges (similar to coaches of The Voice in selecting their team).
  • Other contestant either advanced by direct win battle too and by judges selection or by a capella battle as second chance.
  • Furthermore, there are contestant that also advanced by extra battle as judges confused to make a decision.

I Am A Singer (Season 2)[edit]

7th Round21/02/2014Xiang Ni De YeGuan Zhe2
8th Round28/02/2014Zui Chang De Dian YingJay Chou4
9th Round07/03/2014Forever LoveWang Leehom3
10th Round14/03/2014ListenBeyonce3
Breakthrough21/03/2014Rolling in the DeepAdele1
Semifinal28/03/2014Yang CongAska6
Final04/04/2014When You BelieveWhitney HoustonMariah Carey3
Grand Final04/04/2014MAMAE.X.O33.14
  • Shila made her debut in 7th Round as she replaced eliminated singer earlier based on programme basic rule.
  • Basic rule : There must be 7 talented singers as contestants on each episode.



2000Terima Kasih GuruSoloACE
2008Ost 5 JinggaDuo / GroupEMI
2009BebaskanSoloMonkey Bone Records
20113 Suara (with Ning Baizura and Jaclyn Victor)Duo / GroupSony Music Entertainment
2013SHILA AMZAH-EPSoloShila Amzah Entertainment Berhad


YearSong TitleAlbum
1995"Jenguk-jenguklah Anak Kita"
featuring ND Lala
Diari Y.B
2000"Ibu"Terima Kasih Guru
"Terima Kasih Guru"
"Budi dan Jasa"
2005"Saat Bahagia"Sha-Hila
"Kita Berdansa (Loco Loco)"
"Yang Teristimewa"
2006"E-mel Darimu"
2008"Memori Tercipta"Bebaskan
"Re-Maja"5 Jingga
"Tidak Berteman"
duet with Atilia Haron
"Tak Minta Popular"
featuring Cat Farish
2009"Ada ada Saja"
"Hanya Kita / Hell No!"
"Tunjukkan Cintamu"
duet with RAN group
"Rentak Optimis"
duet with Dafi
Coca-Cola Camnilah Muzik!
"Through My Window"TM Net Everyone Connects
2011"Di Mana Di Mana"
as trio with Ning Baizura & Jaclyn Victor
3 Suara
"Beribu Sesalan"
as trio with Ning Baizura & Jaclyn Victor
"Patah Seribu"Single
2012"Semua Isi Hatimu"
as trio with Ning Baizura & Jaclyn Victor
3 Suara
"Ke Akhir Garisan"Olimpik London: Sorakan Emas 1Malaysia
"Dejavu"OST Aku, Kau dan Dia
2013"Sedar"SHILA AMZAH
"Masih Aku Cinta"
"Cinta Hati"
"Xia Yi Bu(Patah Seribu Mandarin Version)"
"A Moment Like This"A Moment Like This

Jingle Promo[edit]

Shila also made some jingles for commercials and promos for the radio and television. Here is the list: -
YearSingleCampaign / Promotion
2009Hanya KitaClean & Clear's Malaysia Promo
Tunjukkan CintamuCornetto's Love Promo (with RAN)
Best of Both WorldsDisney Channel's Promo (with Miley Cyrus)
Rentak OptimisCamnilah Muzik!'s Coca-Cola Promo (with Dafi)
Through My WindowTMnet Everyone Connects (also participated by BunkfaceTomok, Akim Ahmad, Dafi dan Stacy)
2012Ke Akhir GarisanSorakan Emas 1Malaysia Olimpik London


2012Astro (Malaysian satellite television)Astro RiaTelemoviePatah Seribu [4]Bella (as a lover to Azu played by Sharnaaz Ahmad )Female lead role

Music videos[edit]

YearMusic videoLength
2005Kita Berdansa (Loco Loco)3:29
Yang Teristimewa4:11
2008Memori Tercipta (with Ayu Damit)2:30
Hanya Kita & Bebaskanlah7:00
2009Ada Saja3:16
Tunjukkan Cintamu (with RAN)4:30
Rentak Optimis (with Dafi)2:30
Trough My Window2:24
Best of Both World "Disney Channel's Promo (with Miley Cyrus)"3:11
2011Beribu Sesalan (with Ning Baizura & Jaclyn Victor)3:57
Patah Seribu (Part I)5:24
Patah Seribu (Part II)4:00
2012Ke Akhir Garisan2:59
Deja Vu4:10
Aku, Kau dan Dia4:09
2013Masih Aku Cinta5:28

Music video appearances[edit]

2005Tipah TertipuRuffedgeCameo
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